DIY miniature Donuts Without polymer clay or resin, using regular PLASTILINE and hot glue. You can certainly use mold putty if you have it. You can use it as a key charm, just insert a hot wire into the hot glue.


How to make mini donuts / miniature donuts, charm
How to make miniature donuts – no polymer clay.
You can use the bead itself as a donut, but the hot glue will make the donut shape look less perfect and therefore more realistic.
DIY mini Starbucks using plastilina or play doh ~ NO polymer clay ~ LINK to Starbucks Hot Drinks DIY:…
How to make miniature Starbucks drinks using hot glue and plastiline (even better than play-doh), without polymer clay. DIY mini Starbucks coffee drinks. LPS basteln. LPS askartelu. miniatures and dollhouse

DIY mini Starbucks for LPS and Dolls. DIY LPS Starbucks. DIY Doll Starbucks.

Как сделать пончики для кукол.

Music: Blue Skies by Silent Partner

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EVERY VIEW COUNTS! Hi, I'm Lena Pipes. Welcome to my little peaceful crafting galaxy! I mostly do miniature crafts for dolls and LPS. I love dollhouses and tiny realistic miniatures. My goal is to entertain you! Thank you in advance for your kind comments, they mean the world to me! A couple of facts: I'm female, Lena, my accent is Russian, no young kids at home, so it's all for you, guys :))) Sincerely Yours, Lena Pipes :) miniatures, DIY miniatures, DIY dollhouse, DIY tutorials Cosas miniatura diy para muñecas, casa de muñecas en miniatura Keywords: Doll Crafts, Monster High Doll Crafts, LPS crafts, LPS accessories, LPS furniture, Littlest PetShop Crafts, how to make doll stuff, LPS stuff, miniatures and dollhouse crafts ミニチュア工房 Я родилась и много лет жила в Москве и говорю по-русски. Ленa.

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